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Backward and Forward Market Linkages Consultancy for Agriculture Production

Backward and Forward Market Linkages Consultancy for Agriculture Production. Market linkages are biggest problem for the farmers and agriculture production. Weprovide market linkages consultancy to agriculture production and farmers. We provide consultancy for both Backward and forward market linkages. We assist individual farmers, Agriculture producers, Farmer producer Organization FPO, Farmer producer companies FPC, Small and Marginal land holding farmers, Start-ups, new businesses, Big corporates for their market linkages requirements.

For better production the inputs must be of very good quality. We assist in linkages with best quality farm input suppliers including fertilizers, Agrochemicals, seeds,planting materials, equipment, machines. We strengthen the farmers with high quality farm input for better production. With the help of agriculture expert, we identify the best quality farm/crop input suppliers who can supply the quality farm input on time. For the better production there is strict requirement of the quality farm inputs. As per demand of the buyer we also develop the supply chain and procurement plan.  

Once the farm or farmer get the production, we support for forward market linkages. We assist in marketing of the farm production. As per the market demand we provide definite market for the agriculture production. Forward market Linkages is done for the local, domestic and international buyers. We support the agriculture producer for better market, better price and assured market. We also support in necessary packing for the assured market linkages. There are three type of problems for not getting the right market for the farm production or agriculture production or Forward Market linkages. Either the market for the farmer production is not available locally or the quality of the produce is not as per the market standards or the quantity is not marketable. We support in marketable product development, product promotion, packing size for the product, proper price for the Product. 

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Backward and Forward Market Linkages Consultancy for Agriculture Production

If any organization is interested in export of agriculture commodity, then we also support in the export of the commodity. The entire process is includes promotion of the product/ produce, finding the buyer, deciding the terms or delivery, arranging the logistics, identifying the shipping company and packing and dispatch of the material.

We are leading Agriculture, Agribusiness, Agro Technology Consultancy and Agriculture Extension Service provider. We strongly believe in ethical business practices. We have highly experienced professional team of subject matter specialist of agriculture, agribusiness, and agro processing and allied disciplines. We provide customised solutions for Agriculture, Agribusiness, Agro Technology with technical and economical viable solutions. As per our philosophy agriculture is the back bone of economy and base of development. Sustainable practices should be implemented in agriculture. It should not exploit the natural resources. Agriculture must be inclusive for entire society. .

We provide Agro technology and Agribusiness consultancy for better utilization of your resources, value of your money, independent consultancy, cost effective, profitable solutions and complete satisfaction without any deviation.

We “Agrotech Agribusiness Consultancy are solution provider for your all the Agriculture Project, Agriculture Based Projects need, That includes Crop cultivation, Tree Plantations, Farm development, Farm Mechanization, Animal Husbandry and Dairy, Medicinal and Aromatic crop cultivation, Spices Cultivation, Mushroom farming or production, Vegetable and Fruit Farming, Protected cultivation, Controlled Climate Cultivation, Green house farming, Green house cultivation, Flower cultivation, Essential oil crops, Organic Farming, Sustainable farming, Sustainable Agriculture, Bio Fuel Farming, Jatropha Farming, Stevia Farming, Aloevera Farming, Imported fruit Farming, Timber Farming, Poultry farming, Goat and Sheep Rearing, Camel Rearing, Apiculture / Bee Farming, Fisheries, Guar seed farming, Guar gum processing, Agro processing project, new agro industry set up, commodity procurement planning, agriculture value chain development. We support from planning stage that includes feasibility study, project planning, resources collection, finance arrangement, commodity procurement planning, sustainable farming initiatives. We also assist in international trade, International market, International business development, export import. We assist in all the assignment related to latest Agriculture Technology.

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