Wednesday, January 10, 2018

What is stevia ? Is this a safest alternate of Sugar ?

Generally people ask , what is stevia ? Stevia is a medical plant. It is a plantation crop. It has successfully grown in India.  Stevia sweetener is 300 times sweeter than sugar. stevi is used to extract natural sweetener. Stevia is a natural sugar substitutes. Stevia is only natural sugar free sweetener alternate to sugar.

Green stevia leaf is dried, and it is grinded in green powder form. Stevia plant can easily survive in Indian climatic condition. There are many artificial sweeteners available in market. Artificial sweeteners not good for health.

Stevia is good for diabetes patient. Sativoside is good sweeteners for diabetics. Sugar is restricted for diabetes patients, they can easily use stevia. In green powder stevia in the raw form. There are number of stevia benefits. It is a healthy sugar substitute.

Many companies are selling stevia online. Stevia powder is available in tables, liquid and dry green leaves form.  Now question arises is stevia safe? yes stevia is safe, and many countries have approved it as natural sweetener.

Stevia is a best sugar alternative sugar alternative. Some extra health-conscious people go for organic stevia powder so that they can ensure that they are using pesticide free material. Stevia is a best sugar substitute in comparison to other artificial chemical sweetener.

Many products are available in market as artificial sugar. They are not sugar, they are chemicals. After sugar stevia is a best sweetener.  In Europe people have successfully done experiment of baking with stevia

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