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Poor land use efficiency in Agriculture

Agriculture is a major employer in the world. Most of the agriculture production is done by the small and marginal farmers. The land is the major constraint for these types of farmers. Every farm unit needs some operational land this operation land remains unused. Farmers need some path of space for movement and monitoring of the farm. This operation land can contribute a lot, but it remains ideal and increase the risk of the farmer. There are many reasons which lead to poor land efficiency We must think about them, we will have to find the solution and we will have to ensure that farmers are benefiting from these solutions. 

Extreme Climatic condition:

Agriculture land can’t be utilized properly due to the extreme climatic condition. Normal cultivation climate is 20 degrees to 35 degrees if climate reach beyond this limit then it becomes problematic to take agriculture production and efficiency of land comes down. Some crop can be survived in the limit of 10 degrees to 40 degrees. But the plant doesn’t have proper growth in this extended climate range. 

Poor irrigation facility:

Sometimes farmers have good agriculture land but the availability of the water is very poor, so farmers can’t cultivate the whole land, a large of chunk of land remain uncultivated. Sometimes farmers have low water, but he takes high irrigation crop and at the end of cropping season he doesn’t have sufficient arrangement for water. After climate availability of water is the major reason behind the poor land use efficiency.

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Soilless cultivation in plastic carate

Mix agriculture: 

Though mix agriculture concept is to increase the land use efficiency. But sometimes it limits the operations on land. Farmers do the mixed agriculture for his personal and family need but the efficiency of land comes down. Sometime agriculture practices intersect each other and create problem for another activity. Farmers can’t give complete attention to both activities. He can’t explore the complete potential of one activity. 

Manual operations 

Farmers have limitation of time in manual operation and he can maintain the consistency in his farm work. His land remains unutilised due to manual operations. He can’t take the complete outcome of his land resources. 

Residential accommodation 

Generally, farmers live in agriculture farm and then use the large chunk of land for residential purpose. Though it is very good that farmer lives on the farm and he start his operations early at the farm but in this accommodation, a lot of lands is used for the non-agriculture purpose. 

We have work in collaboration to increase the efficiency of land so that especially marginal and small farmers can benefit from it. And they can contribute more toward the food production. Agriculture land resource can be used properly and the world can fight hunger and malnutrition.

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