Saturday, January 5, 2019

Accurate data collection will boost the Agriculture.

India is very rich in biodiversity. Due to it different climatic conditions. India produce a lot of agriculture crops in different climatic conditions like, cereals, pulses, oil seeds, spices, fiber, commercial, vegetables, Fruits, medicinal, herbs, meat, fish, eggs and many more. It requires a lot of data collection for proper mapping of the all crops. Data is key of agriculture development and farmers welfare. Accurate data collection will boost Indian Agriculture.  Farmers are producing the over supplied crops and at the time of harvesting prices of crops comes down due to distress selling. If the Farmers are advised properly before showing about the oversupply of crop, farmer will not go for that crop. With the help of proper data collection Govt and farmers can come out from the common agriculture problems. Bad agriculture loan is becoming problem for the financial health of country, availability of the real and updated agriculture data can improve the financial health of the country. By the next general election farmers loan waiver may reach up to 2,70,000 Crore. This is very alarming figure for the growing economy. Farmers are doing suicide due to unpaid credit and poor financial problems. Farmers take the loan in expectation of better yield, goo rate and financial return but at the time of harvesting, but at the time of harvesting farmers can’t recover the cost of cultivation. Every year more than 5000 farmers commits suicides in India. In year 2004 this number was 18241.

Post-harvest loss of agriculture produce in India is more than 92,000 crores. Food processing Industry in India has not developed in India to its full capacity. Indian food processing industry is 10 % of its full potential. Current Indian food processing sector is just 434 billion USD, by 2020 it will reach to 911 Billion. There is full potential for employment generation and financial growth in Indian agriculture and agro processing industry. India is importing a lot of crude oil for fuel purpose. There are possibilities that petrol can be substituted by the Ethanol. Even ethanol will be little bit costlier but Indian will save a huge Foreign exchange which is used in import of crude oil for fuel purpose. Sugarcane farmers faces a lot of problems due poor demand of sugar in local and international market.

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Agriculture should be collected at Four level Farm Inputs, Crop Production, Processing & Marketing. All these data should be feed/collected on single platform. Availability of authentic and correct data will lead to good decision making and proper planning. Collection of authentic data is also base of the agro processing industry and further export of the agriculture products. We can decide the estimated production potato by the available of selling of chemical used in seed treatment of the seed potato. These data collection will help farmers, farm input companies, financial institutes, agro-processing companies, agro warehousing, government. India can control the agriculture import bill, which is more than 1,20,000 Crore Rupees. 

Farm Inputs level data collection: 

Farm input is the first point to start the agriculture production. Farmer purchase seeds, plants, fertilizers, power, fuel for agriculture production. Once the farmer starts the sowing then it will give the basic idea about the yield output after a certain period in normal condition. It will also give a basic idea about the attack of disease and insects. Agriculture finance and agriculture insurance must be strictly linked to the available data so that farmers should not face any financial hurdle. It will ensure that farm loan is used for farm production only. Farmers will be also protected from the inferior quality farm inputs and seeds. Farm input retails and farmers both can feed or collect these data.

Crop Production level data collection:

This will be the actual data of crop production which will be collected from the farmers and the Agriculture commodities buyer. These data are very important for the further planning of the agro-processing and emergency planning if there is shortage of in future food supply. Over supply can be addressed by the additional processing or export of the commodity with incentives. Annual collection of crop production data will give an overall all picture of the crop production potential of the country. Country will explore the potential of the agro-processing, ware housing, cold storage, logistics, international trade, Value addition. 

Processing & Marketing level data collection 

These are important real financial data which will make agriculture, financial strong. These data will give an idea about that how much quantity is used in raw form? how much quantity is used in processed form? how much quantity is exported? what are value addition in basic price of commodity? Processing and marketing convert the agriculture production in monetary terms. Which make the agriculture sector prosperous and it will lead to welfare of farmers. 

Before 5 years agriculture data collection was a big hurdle. After the arrival of the latest communication technology and advance mobiles/ input devices it has become easy. Govt can take extra step for welfare of farmers for the real time monitoring of crop production data. In the condition of crop failure farmers can prompt assistance from the govt of any concerned institutes like Insurance, Co-operative. In today word data are real asset of any govt or industry. It will help govt to explore the new potential for Indian agriculture. Accurate data collection is way to success for Indian agriculture. 


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