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Vegetables Cultivation Consultancy

We provide consultancy for the vegetable cultivation. There is regular demand of fresh vegetable in the urban market, it is also demanded in rural market but the demand is fulfilled by in house production.

Vegetable are considered as rich source of minerals and vitamins and other micro nutrients. The vegetable are perishable in nature, so there is constraint of self life and transportation. Vegetable cultivation is good agriculture venture with maximum surety production. Due to the high moisture in vegetable farm there is a lot of chances of insect and diseases outbreak.

A scientific production with the help of hybrid variety and integrated nutrient management, integrated pest management, efficient water management can   give excellent result. A time grading of produce and better packaging facility will help the grower to deliver the produce in good condition and earn more.  The green and fresh vegetable is having very good market value.

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Vegetables Cultivation Consultancy 
Our expert will help you selection of vegetable as per nearest market demand, selection of good quality hybrid varieties of the vegetable, development of vegetable farm,  management of the farm in scientific way, harvesting and grading of the produce, packaging and transportation of the produce up to the market. We also provide the buyaback support to the groewr for their produce. 

We provide consultancy for leafy vegetable, green vegetable and other seasonal and off seasonal vegetables like potato, tomato, bringle, cauliflower, cabbage, cucumber, lady finger, chilly, beans, pumpkins, long gourd , bottle gourd, ridge gourd, capsicum, onion, garlic, watermelon, fenugreek,  coriander, spinach etc.. The off seasonal vegetables are great in demand and give high return as comparison to regular vegetables.

We are leading Agro Technology and Agribusiness consultancy provider. We strongly believe in business ethics. We have highly professional team of subject matter specialist of agriculture and allied disciplines. We believe in truly consultancy with independent and profitable solutions. For us agriculture is the base of development, height of development, strength of development, depth of development. For a long term sustainable social & economical development agriculture must be the axel. Agriculture development must environment friendly, sustainable, efficient use of available resources and non hazardous.

We provide Agro technology and Agribusiness consultancy through better utilization of your resources, value of your money, independent consultancy, cost effective, profitable solutions and complete satisfaction without any deviation.

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