Saturday, August 16, 2014

Supply Chain Report Of Agriculture Commodities

We assist you to understand the supply chain management of the desired agriculture commodities. Supply chain management of the agriculture commodities are very complex in nature. It becomes more complex if the commodity is perishable in nature. What are the different channels of the current supply chain?

This report will assist you to understand the existing structure and problem with current supply chain, so that you can prepare yourself toward more economical, more profitable, smoother and more transparent.

Many agriculture based food industries require these type of report so that they can be prepare for any future hurdle in their new venture. FMCG companies, Food processing companies, Retail Chains, Hotels, Restaurant chain.

Generally this report consist following aspects

  • Best source of the commodity
  • Major grown area
  • Major growing season
  • Quality standards
  • Channel partners in existing supply chain
  • Problems in existing system
  • Major point of quality control
  • Mode of transportation
  • Existing packing and packaging
  • Proposed supply chain module

Supply Chain Report Of Agriculture Commodities

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