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Third Party Independent Agriculture Produce /Commodity Quality Inspection Services

Third Party Independent Agriculture Produce Quality Inspection Service

We provide independent Agriculture Produce Export Quality Inspection Service. We provide consultancy for this service independently by our highly professional dedicated team of the Agro technologists. Our dedicated team will visit the export warehouse or container stuffing facility. We inspect the quality of the consignment independently on behalf of exporter or importer in India. We provide this independent inspection service through out India. 

We have solution for the inspection of your export consignment as an third party. It will be inspected by our inspector that the quality of the exportable commodity is as per the requirement of buyers. We are independent we are not associated with any organization. We will inspect on the behalf of the importer.

We can also draw sample for laboratory testing. We will get your agriculture commodity tested for the desired specification.  We will draw sample at exporter ware house. We can also present at the site container stuffing. If the client wants that the quality must be tested from independent testing laboratory, We can also provide that service on demand of client.

Third Party Independent Agriculture Produce Quality Inspection Service
 Third Party Independent Agriculture Produce Quality Inspection Service

We have solution for agriculture development for every type of land, soil, climatic condition, weather, topography and investment. We provide solution for field crops, horticulture crops, fruit crops, vegetable crops, orchard crops, dairy, floriculture, medicinal crops, aromatic crops, cash crops, pulses, poultry, animal husbandry, fisheries and other allied disciplines.

We have solution of land selection, land development, soil and water testing, cultivation practices, nutrient management, insect management, planting materials, pest management, irrigation management, high-tech agriculture, computer controlled systems, water management, collection, harvest management, post harvest management, packaging, storage and warehouse, logistics, processing of the farm produce, grading, shorting, product development, rearing, breeding, shade development, export import development.

We also assist in agriculture finance, govt scheme, govt regulation, govt policy, international policy, documentations, rules and regulation.

We are leading Agro Technology and Agribusiness consultancy provider. We strongly believe in business ethics. We have highly professional team of subject matter specialist of agriculture and allied disciplines. We believe in truly consultancy with independent and profitable solutions. For us agriculture is the base of development, height of development, strength of development, depth of development. For a long term sustainable social & economical development agriculture must be the axel. Agriculture development must environment friendly, sustainable, efficient use of available resources and non hazardous.

We provide Agriculture Produce Export Quality Inspection Service, Agro technology and Agribusiness consultancy through better utilization of your resources, value of your money, independent consultancy, cost effective, profitable solutions and complete satisfaction without any deviation.

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