Thursday, January 18, 2018

Is aloevera cultivation profitable ?

Aloevera is a medicinal plant. It is widely cultivated throughout world. There are many species but only few species are useful. Aloevera is a multiyear plantation crop.  Leaves of aloevera is used as production of aloevera gel. Aloevera gel is used in many health problems. It is used in cosmetics. It is used as health drink.

 It is a three-year’s crop. After the plantation we can take crop up to three years. After three years we have to re plant baby plants.  In one acre 10,000 plants are planted. After six-month leaves are ready to harvest as per climatic condition.

Leaves can be sold to any herbal juice manufacturing company or any ayurvedic medicine making company.  Framer can install a small gel extraction unit in farm. Gel form save money in transportation and its is easy to transport and self-life is more than green leaves. In market green leaves are sold at SR 4-5 Rs /Kg. Juice or gel is sold at Rs 30-35 Rs /Litre in bulk. If farmers can invest in branding and packing, then he can sell it at Rs 80-100 Rs /Litre. I market aloevera gel is sold in many flavour.

Farmers can increase their income through Aloevera cultivation in waste land where opportunity cost of land is zero or low.

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