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Artificial Intelligence In Agriculture In Year 2024

Agriculture is the primary profession of the humans. There is broad diversity in agriculture practices and the stakeholders of the agriculture. All the stake holders are scattered around the world. Since the primary stakeholder, like farmers, often live in rural area. They don’t have access to the knowledge and technology. They need some urgent solution for their problem. Since all the solution provided to farmers depends on farm to farm and even some time plant to plant.

For the proper solution the identification of the problem is very crucial. A crop / agriculture production process faces many problems these can be insect attack, outbreak of disease, requirement of the nutrients, need of moisture, sudden change in climate/ surrounding environment, different stage of the plant growth. All these data need to be analyzed , then reach a particular conclusion, then provide solution and implementation of the solution . 

Artificial Intelligence In Agriculture In Year 2024

 Artificial Intelligence In Agriculture In Year 2024

The task of the data input and data analysis need a vast network for data input, storage, and analysis.  All these work can be completed with the help of the automatic machines. When we provide solution to farmer then it must be spot solution or timely solution. Farmer is highly exploited by the middlemen, who don’t provide solutions but instead of that, they increase the financial burden of the farmer.

With the help of remote sensing, automatic weather station, drone survey, farmers queries, soil testing lab reports, water testing reports,  and other sources the data can be collected into central server and then these can be analyzed and solution can be provided to farmers. All the farmers should be linked to one platform, all the collected data should be compiled and linked to main server / central server. Artificial intelligence operated machines and equipment will change the entire scenario of the agriculture operation. The Artificial intelligence operated machines will completely change the operation with more accuracy and efficiently. 

The Artificial intelligence in agriculture will be beneficial mainly for the small and marginal farmers. Scope of Artificial intelligence in not limited to agriculture production alone.  It will also assist farmers in backward and forward market linkages, market price tracking, demand of agriculture produce identification, real time market information, real- time agriculture statistics such as crop sowing data, crop damage assessment, production information and market demand.

These all real time data will help farming and agriculture community to serve the humanity. Artificial intelligence will help in minimizing the post-harvest losses, storage and warehousing condition, demand of the processing of the agriculture produce.  Artificial intelligence is most sought technical intervention in agriculture. It will remove the barrier of time, delay, language, communication, mistake, wrong analysis, requirement of the subject matter expertise. 

Climate change is putting negative impact on agriculture which is directly hitting the small and medium farmers. We require robust, real-time data-driven decision-making tools which can lead to sustainable agriculture production. The concept of climate-smart agricultural practices, also require real-time data analysis and decision-making capabilities. Farmers will also use the fertilizers and other agrochemicals in appropriate quantities according to their needs. Artificial intelligence can cover all the disciplines of agriculture like horticulture, animal husbandry, dairy, fisheries, horticulture, and forestry. All these disciplines are interlinked with each other. In new year 2024, use of Artificial intelligence in Agriculture will reshape the agriculture and agricultural production

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