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Biofuel Crop Cultivation Agribusiness Agro Processing Consultancy

 We provide consultancy for the plantation of biofuel crops like Jatropha, Castor, Pingomia, Jojoba and other crops. Since the demand of energy is increasing day by day. The rate petroleum fuel is increasing day by day and there is also shortage in supply. The productivity of the waste and unused land can be increased by the plantation of these crops.

There is huge demand of bio-fuel in domestic as well as international market. Many countries are insisting the compulsory bio-diesel addition in normal diesel. A lot of successful significant research has been toward application of biodiesel in automobile industry. Currently vehicle and trains are running on the biofuel.

We will do the feasibility study for your proposed project. WE will check the operational and economic viability of your project. After as detail discussion we will prepare the project report for your project that will include all the aspects of the proposed project. If the client require then we can go for successful implementation of the project.

We will assist you in selection of site for bio fuel crop production, selection of right crop for the climatic condition, project report drafting, land preparation, detail about the central and state govt scheme for the bio-fuel crop plantation, disease and pest management, water management in the crop, harvesting of the produce, storage and grading of the produce, buyback and marketing of the produce, processing of the produce or extraction of oil, we also assist in acquiring the land for the bio fuel production.

We are leading Agriculture, Agribusiness, Agro Technology Consultancy and Agriculture Extension Service provider. We strongly believe in ethical business practices. We have highly experienced professional team of subject matter specialist of agriculture, agribusiness, and agro processing and allied disciplines. We provide customised solutions for Agriculture, Agribusiness, Agro Technology with technical and economical viable solutions. As per our philosophy agriculture is the back bone of economy and base of development. Sustainable practices should be implemented in agriculture. It should not exploit the natural resources. Agriculture must be inclusive for entire society. .

We provide Agro technology and Agribusiness consultancy for better utilization of your resources, value of your money, independent consultancy, cost effective, profitable solutions and complete satisfaction without any deviation.

We “Agrotech Agri business Consultancy are solution provider for your all the Agriculture Project, Agriculture Based Projects need, That includes Crop cultivation, Tree Plantations, Farm development, Farm Mechanization, Animal Husbandry and Dairy, Medicinal and Aromatic crop cultivation, Spices Cultivation, Mushroom farming or production, Vegetable and Fruit Farming, Protected cultivation, Controlled Climate Cultivation, Green house farming, Green house cultivation, Flower cultivation, Essential oil crops, Organic Farming, Sustainable farming, Sustainable Agriculture, Bio Fuel Farming, Jatropha Farming, Stevia Farming, Aloevera Farming, Imported fruit Farming, Timber Farming, Poultry farming, Goat and Sheep Rearing, Camel Rearing, Apiculture / Bee Farming, Fisheries, Guar seed farming, Guar gum processing, Agro processing project, new agro industry set up, commodity procurement planning, agriculture value chain development. We support from planning stage that includes feasibility study, project planning, resources collection, finance arrangement, commodity procurement planning, sustainable farming initiatives. We also assist in international trade, International market, International business development, export import. We assist in all the assignment related to latest Agriculture Technology.    

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