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Turmeric Spices Procurement Sourcing Consultancy

India is a major producer of Turmeric, which is grown in specific agro-climatic regions of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, West Bengal, and Maharashtra in India. India produce 75% Turmeric  of World Turmeric production. Turmeric is a key spice in Indian kitchens and cuisines. India is a major exporter of this Turmeric spice. After cultivation, Turmeric undergoes a specific supply chain and agro processing  for cleaning, grading, processing, packing, and exporting. It is used in raw form, powdered form, or as a mixture in masala. Beside spices Turmeric is source of Curcumin. It is used as raw form and curcumin extracted from turmeric. Turmeric is also used in Herbal medicine. It has antibiotic property and it heals the wound fast. It also improve the immunity of body. Turmeric is used as immunity. The powder of Turmeric is mixed in milk and it is taken as traditional immunity booster. India Produce  11,61,000 MT Turmeric annually. It is cultivated on 3,24,000 Hectare Area.

With our procurement service, you can obtain Turmeric spices from proper sources. We promote sustainable sourcing of Turmeric spices and prepare a production and procurement plan. Turmeric is graded based on color, size, shine, aroma, and taste, and we can source all quality materials. Our Turmeric sourcing is directly from farmers, reducing the chances of adulteration and inferior quality.

We source organically cultivated Turmeric, organic certified Turmeric, sustainably sourced Turmeric, and pesticide-free Turmeric spices. Depending on the buyer's requirements, we process Turmeric spices hygienically with advanced automatic machines and offer vacuum packing or nitrogen packing. All Turmeric spices are naturally dried under shade to preserve their color and fragrance. For specific requirements, we execute programs for organic certification and sustainable production, procuring the entire lot of production of Turmeric. Our procurement services are cost-effective, contamination-free, and free from adulteration or inferior quality.

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We are a leading agriculture consultancy, agribusiness consultancy, agro-technology consultancy, and agriculture extension service provider. We strongly believe in ethical business practices. Our highly experienced professional team includes subject matter specialists in agriculture, agribusiness, agro-processing, and allied disciplines. We provide customized solutions for agriculture, agribusiness, and agro-technology with technically and economically viable solutions. According to our philosophy, agriculture is the backbone of the economy and the base of development. Sustainable practices should be implemented in agriculture without exploiting natural resources, and agriculture must be inclusive for the entire society.

We provide agro-technology and agribusiness consultancy for better utilization of resources, value for money, independent consultancy, cost-effective and profitable solutions, and complete satisfaction without any deviation.

We, Agrotech Agribusiness Consultancy, are solution providers for all agriculture projects and agriculture-based project needs. This includes crop cultivation, tree plantations, farm development, agriculture project planning, agriculture project management, farm mechanization, animal husbandry and dairy, medicinal and aromatic crop cultivation, spices cultivation, mushroom farming, vegetable and fruit farming, protected cultivation, controlled climate cultivation, greenhouse farming, greenhouse cultivation, flower cultivation, essential oil crops, organic farming, sustainable farming, biofuel farming, Jatropha farming, Stevia farming, Aloevera farming, imported fruit farming, timber farming, poultry farming, goat and sheep rearing, camel rearing, apiculture, fisheries, guar seed farming, guar gum processing, agro-processing projects, new agro-industry setup, commodity procurement planning, and agriculture value chain development. We support planning stages including feasibility studies, project planning, resource collection, finance arrangement, commodity procurement planning, and sustainable farming initiatives. We also assist in international trade, international market development, export-import, and assignments related to the latest agriculture technology.

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