Friday, November 29, 2019

Safe agriculture food production is biggest challenge for human.

Invention and Experiment of science is making agriculture economical profitable. That is helpful for farmers and society. It is helping to fight with challenge of shortage of food. Another side of this help is alarming. Science is being misused in agriculture production. Use of agrochemical is increasing beyond the safe level of application. Residual effects of these chemicals are polluting the water, soil, air and environment. Food production is badly effected with these chemicals.

These chemicals are major reason behind chronicle disease and health problems. Chemicals are used in many forms in agriculture such fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, growth regulators, growth promoters, nutrients, ripening agents, other plant physiological activities controllers. Overdose and unwanted use of these chemicals are making the agriculture production unsafe for the human consumption. This is the situation which can be controlled with the proper education and awareness among farmers.

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Safe Food production is biggest challenge for human.
Vegetables grown near to major urban location are highly contaminated with the hazardous chemicals due to irrigation with polluted water. Green vegetable are consumed fresh kitchen, they are high in demand in urban area. Sewerage water is highly contaminated with heavy metals, industrial chemicals, and poisonous substances. Consumption of these vegetable cause many diseases and directly hurt to liver, kidney, digestive system. Practices of irrigation with polluted water are also polluting the soil and the contamination can’t be treated. Responsible Govt. departments are not monitoring and controlling these practices. It is direct negligence with the health of citizens.

Meat production near urban location is also facing same problems. Animal and birds are reared on high dose of chemicals. Heavy dose of antibiotics and weight gain hormones/medicines are injected to animals and birds. Consumption of the meat produced from these animals and birds are not safe. Diseases are developing susceptibility and resistance to antibiotics due to heavy dose of antibiotics intake with meat. In some cases meat of diseased animal and birds are supplied to out plate, which can transfer the hazardous virus, bacteria and other microorganism. Seafood is also contaminated with many chemicals. Micro plastics particles have entered in the seafood chain. Human is dumping garbage in sea. Sea is supplying the same garbage to human.

Milk and dairy products are also in the same line. They are also not safe even we leave adulteration in dairy product aside. High level of antibiotics, hormones, chemical residuals and aflatoxins are entering in our body with these dairy food products. Diet of dairy cattle is below the safe level. Farmers and feed companies used unsafe feed ingredients for cattle feed production. Non-recommended minerals source are used in cattle feed. 

Food grain is also not safe. They are produced with heavy dose of agrochemicals which is out of acceptable limit of agrochemicals. Nexus of profit making companies and traders is making it more complex. Regulatory bodies are silent on the unsafe production of agriculture food produce. It will be a big challenge which must be addressed before the issue of hunger. Hunger impacts only few individuals but unsafe food production will impact coming generations.